What is a wireless lavalier microphone

Jan 07,2023

First of all, it is not difficult to understand its name literally. It is a wireless, collar clip, microphone. Bloggers or enthusiasts who like to shoot short videos should know that when shooting, no matter whether we use mobile phones or digital cameras, we can not use the phone or the camera's own Mack Wind to achieve good radio effects. Whether from the perspective of noise, sound quality or long-distance radio, the microphone effect of the shooting equipment is not satisfactory, The wireless lavalier microphone can just solve these problems.
The wireless lavalier microphone transmitter (also known as the microphone) is generally equipped with a DSP processor, which can reduce the noise of the picked up sound and adjust the corresponding noise reduction level according to the different pickup environment conditions.
In general, there are multiple noise reduction algorithms, such as DRC noise reduction, ENC noise reduction, etc., which can retain the voice to the maximum extent, and filter the surrounding noise clean or very low. A typical example is the Dare Fly wireless lavalier microphone.